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An Affordable Potting Mix Tray For The Greenhouse

When we built our Sunglo Greenhouse it came with a built in potting soil tray that was held inside, in a spot on the benches. Handy, yes. Affordable? No. I mean, it was really nice and huge, but if one were to buy it outright...ouch. Anytime it's a custom piece for a hobby, you know… Continue reading An Affordable Potting Mix Tray For The Greenhouse

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Growing Food In An Off Year Of Weather

To say the growing season of 2022 was putting it lightly. As I have talked about since mid winter in early 2022, this winter/spring and into mid summer was cold and wet (see a post I did end of April "The Cool Spring"). Trees didn't bloom at all for some. The bees came out… Continue reading Growing Food In An Off Year Of Weather

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Setting Up Portable Greenhouses To Last

In 2015 I acquired my first portable greenhouse (or as I refer to them sometimes, a pop up greenhouse). Back then I wrote a post about setting up that first one. (Which is worth reading, as I walk through setting up one of these.) Those blissful years of urban gardening. This one was beautifully set… Continue reading Setting Up Portable Greenhouses To Last

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Filling The Greenhouse

It's many weeks till spring, but the greenhouse is slowly filling up. There is a tale to this though. When we moved last March, we brought our Sunglo greenhouse along. It got dropped off onto the lower field, and ever so slowly we have been making a new pad for it. with all things,… Continue reading Filling The Greenhouse

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Moving A Sunglo Greenhouse

When Kirk and I got serious about the move from the urban homestead to rural land, we talked a lot about taking our beloved Sunglo Greenhouse with us. Beyond the fact that they are not inexpensive, you can upsize the greenhouse with easily added parts, to make them longer. It's an investment, that works amazingly… Continue reading Moving A Sunglo Greenhouse