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Filling The Greenhouse

It’s many weeks till spring, but the greenhouse is slowly filling up. There is a tale to this though. When we moved last March, we brought our Sunglo greenhouse along. It got dropped off onto the lower field, and ever so slowly we have been making a new pad for it. However…as with all things, sometimes projects get bumped down the list. We couldn’t cut the land open till the fall rains came, and then it got too cold to finish the framing of the new spot.

Below, through the fencing, the scraped out spot awaits, next to the garlic bed.

But, I was running out of time. I had to start the coming spring’s seeds. Finished or not. So I made the decision that I’d get it going. I can always move the trays out when needed, once the new foundation is done! I just have to pay attention to the ventilation¬†as the fans are not hooked up. The local feral domestic rabbits that live all over, like to come down to this field. It’s a hard road – they are cute and will let you walk right up to them, but that is a bad thing. They eat crops and carry disease, so it falls into the nuisance category.

Over the last spring/summer/fall the greenhouse just sat out there. It had a few things in it, but thankfully the grass is pretty much dead under it. We spent two days cleaning out boxes and leaving behind things I needed. Some supplies got left in for when we move the greenhouse over.

Trays being filled with planting medium, and seeds started……

And it continues, till we run out of space……

And slowly, our land becomes a farm….