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Handcrafted Peppermint Coconut Toothpaste

Making your own toothpaste is an easy project to try your hands it. Rich with essential oils and coconut, the smell will wake you up. As for the science behind natural toothpaste, I will let the reader make their own decisions on that one. I don’t wear my tin foil hat too tightly 😉

Peppermint Coconut Toothpaste



Melt the oil if needed, and measure. Pour into a small bowl, stir in peppermint oil, then baking soda, stirring till smooth and any lumps are broken up.

Transfer to a clean 4 ounce mason jar, cap tightly.

To use:

Keep a wooden spoon or similar nearby, take a little out to add to your toothbrush (don’t dip your toothbrush in). Gently brush your teeth as you would normally.


My toothpaste is unsweetened. Some prefer a sweeter toothpaste, and a drop or two of liquid stevia will work.