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Grinding Rice Flour

Grinding your own rice flour may not save you money in the end (although brown rice is very cheap, especially in larger quantities), but the end results are worth the effort. You will have a hearty fresh flour, that hasn’t sat ground for months (or years) on the shelf. You can also easily source organic brown rice, where as organic brown rice flour is a lot harder (and more expensive) to source. It’s also great for prepping: store the whole rice in airtight containers, use as needed.

Using a grain mill is very easy, though it always gives a great upper body and arm workout. We have a Victorio grain mill, which is a manual mill (though you can convert it to a motor).

Rice grinds a bit different from wheat berries, but goes through quickly enough. You will want to clean the grinder out with compressed air after, as it tends to hide in the crannies. For best results grind only what you will need in the upcoming days, for freshest results. For baking, we grind on the smallest grind.

It’s a fun way to get the kids involved:

Tomorrow’s post will be using the flour, so check back.