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Instant Mug Meals: Deluxe Hamburger

I have been working on recipes for our sister site, TrailCooking, that I realized work well for prepper and on-the-go meals. Easy to prepare, easy to pull together – yet all they need is hot water and a few minutes sit time (and can be prepped with cool water in a pinch). No need to worry if the power goes out, just grab a prepared bag or jar, and you won’t have to worry about going hungry. And no need to find a place to get food at if in town – if there is a latte stand/coffee shop around, you can easily ask for some hot water, and in hotels you can heat water in the coffee pot – or get hot water in the lobby set out for hot tea. The meals are gluten-free and carb friendly (only carbs are from the vegetables).

In this recipe I use freeze-dried for the ingredients to get a quick meal made. We use Thrive Life for our freeze-dried.

I’ve also added a mason jar method for taking meals on-the-go with you, a green alternative to using plastic bags to store ingredients in.

Deluxe Hamburger

In a snack or sandwich bag or 8-ounce mason jar:

Also Pack:

Insulated Mug Method:

Pack all ingredients in a bag or mason jar.

Add dry ingredients into an insulated mug, add 1/3 cup boiled water, stir well and cover tightly.

Let sit for 15 minutes. Stir before eating and top with condiments as desired

Taking on-the-go:

Pack the meal into an 8 ounce mason jar. Add 1/3 cup boiled water to it, stir, cover, and let sit 15 minutes. Stir before eating and top with condiments as desired.

Serves 1.


Add whatever condiments you like on top: ketchup, relish, mustard and mayo. They all come in single serving packets. Amazon has a great deal on a bag of all 4, or you can always ask for a couple more if you eat out, or at the local deli in your favorite grocery store. Most places are happy to give you a couple packets.