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Fall Gardening: Sow Right Seeds Fall Sale

If you see gardening as a 3 to 4 month time period, you are missing out on the fun months. The months where it is cooler, not baking in sun. Where we live in the PNW, we can actively garden from often March to November, and if we put in extra time, we can extend it even farther under high tunnels/greenhouses.

Which brings me to that I have been planting seeds the past few weeks for fall items. I just go out very early or after the sun settles down into the trees, so I can work with less sweating. Lots of lettuce, new kale (it’ll go thru the winter and get big next spring), swiss chard for the chickens and yes, radishes for some early fall crunch on salads/

I started using Sow Right Seeds awhile back, adding them into the rotation of my favorite go to companies to get them from.

Sow Right sent me this great Fall Crop Collection of seeds to try out this season:

Of the seeds, the first to go into soil was the swiss chard. I cannot emphasize enough how much chickens love fresh swiss chard. So yes, we don’t get a lot ourselves to harvest (I like it in soups, chopped fine), but it sure provides rich eggs for us to enjoy. It’s cost prohibitive to buy fresh greens on our island for our girls in fall/winter, so growing them has to happen year round. But the other part? I love the vivid color of swiss chard – it is visually pleasing and few pests bother it. If I cover it with frost fabric when snow is predicted, it comes right thru.

Now of course…we sit and wait, giving the cups fresh water daily, till the seedlings pop up. By end of August they will be in the ground growing quickly in the waning month of high season.

If you’d like to check out their seeds, visit Sow Right Seeds. Use code: SARAHK10 to receive 10% off your order as well. They are having a Fall Sale as well, from 8/11 to 8/18 with 15% off and if you order $25 and up, free shipping comes with it. They are also on Amazon if you prefer shopping that way.

Fall Giveaway! Starting today, August 11th through August 18th, enter for a chance at winning 1 of 5 seed packs. Winners will be announced on August 21st. US only. 

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FTC Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of Sow Right Seeds, and receive a small amount if you choose to buy from them. This helps support running the website. We were sent seeds to grow, but all opinions and reviews are ours.