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Dehydrating Zucchini Chips

Dehydrating is one of our favorite methods for preserving produce. It’s quick, easy, and takes up little pantry space when done. Zucchini is a vegetable people run out of ideas on what to use it for, however dehydrating is a great way to have some for the long winter!

You will need a mandolin, or good knife skills. If you have a food processor that can take wider vegetables in the chute, that is an option. Harvest your squash, wash and dry. Trim the ends, then thinly slice.

Place on dehydrator trays, and dry at 135° till fully dry. This can take a few hours to up to 12 hours, depending on your kitchen’s temperature and humidity.

We have been dehydrating on a L’Equip Dehydrator for nearly 10 years now. While not as well-known as other brands, it is affordable and works well. It also fits into storage easily, due to being rectangle.

A few large zucchini (4 trays worth) pack into a glass mason jar. Keep tightly sealed, and they will be fresh for up to a year. No worries about losing in a freezer, due to power outages, or frost burn.

Soak in cold water, and let hydrate, and you can use them all winter. If used in soup, add in dry, and let hydrate that way.

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