Instant Mug Meals: No Cook Chicken Salad

A new recipe to join our “Instant Mug Meals” collection.

With a couple freeze-dried ingredients you can have a quick no-cook lunch, snack or even dinner for the trail. The recipe itself is gluten-free, but as always read the labels on mayo packets to be sure. I served it on street taco sized tortillas, Mission makes keto friendly ones now, called Zero Net Carbs Tortillas – but be forewarned, 1 tortilla is 25% of your daily fiber, so don’t go crazy on them. They taste great though!

If you opt to eat the chicken salad alone, I might suggest you double the recipe if you are a hungry person. Especially if you eat mostly carnivore.

Chicken Salad

In a snack size zip top bag:

Also Take:


Add ¼ cup cool water to the bag, seal tightly and let rest for 15 minutes, gently shaking periodically.

Add mayo to taste (1 packet is light, if you like your chicken salad creamy, add both packets).

Eat as is, or spread on crackers or street taco size tortillas (makes enough for 2 wraps).

Serves 1.


The base weight for the dried ingredients is 0.6 ounce/18 grams.

If you ask nicely, you can often get the mayo packets at grocery store delis or c-stores. If you eat this at home use half to one Tablespoon of mayo, or to taste.

This recipe also would work well with a ranch dip tub or a dressing packet instead.

When prepping recipes using freeze-dried ingredients (versus dehydrated) you want to ensure the bag is well sealed. Particularly with freeze-dried meat. If you are making the meal to use that weekend, a plastic bag will work great. If longer, I highly suggest using a FoodVac sealer and precut quart size bags.

For long-term storage of this meal (months out), seal the chicken separately from the vegetables. For short-term, it is fine to seal it with the dehydrated vegetables.

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